When to use serverless


How do you decide whether a serverless deployment model is right for your application? As the following diagram shows, the decision begins with determining whether your applications need full access to the underlying operating system on the EC2 instance onto which they are deployed. If they do need to access the operating system for application administration, management, or functionally purposes, a server-based deployment using EC2 instances is the best option.

If your applications do not need to access the underlying operating system directly, you should consider the application type. Applications that consist of short-running functions, or service-oriented event-driven applications, are a good fit for deploying to Lambda if you do not want to manage the underlying application environment. Otherwise, Amazon EC2 is a good choice.

For applications that are deployed using a Docker-based, container deployment model, you should consider using Amazon ECS or Amazon EKS. If you don't want to manage EC2 instances that the Docker platform resides on, Fargate would be a good fit for your application. Otherwise, it would be appropriate to deploy Amazon ECS or Amazon EKS on EC2 instances that you manage.


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