Addressing Technical Debts with Infrastructure as Code (IaC)


By Mohammed Mubarkoot


More Automation and Less Human Involvement

Enforce Infrastructure and Security Best Practices

Engage Concerned Stakeholders

Reduce Environmental and Documentation Drifts

Ensure Reproducibility

Simplify Auditing and Reporting


여기서 부터는 Azure Lead Architect가 강의한거야.

Why do I need a framework when I can just Terraform.exe?


Not everyone is a developer


It's hard to ensure: consistency, readability, maintainability, reusability

Immutable Infrastructure requires: centralizing knowledge, experience, features into Terraform

Deliver value to your customers, not modules!

State management and delegation in complex organizations


What is CAF Terraform?

EaC - Everything as Configuration

Whatever you ned, don't write code, just configuration files.

etc ... -> 어쨌든 conf 파일 관리해줌으로써 비즈니스에 도움된다~ 이런 말인듯.


Core pillars of the module

...  스킵함 ㅋ 내가 아직 terraform을 몰라서 모르는 내용이 많았음


Configuration is a contract

Managing evergreen Terraform via tfvars


Config file is a contract, is the idempotent(멱등적인) composition unit.

Terraform Code must honor it as much as possible across providers updates.

Making it happen is part of the engineering team work.

We test against regressions.

Most of the time it's transparent for user.

Sometimes manual updates to configuration are inevitable (refer to UPGRADE.MD)


Azure에 대한 Microsoft 클라우드 채택 프레임워크 - Cloud Adoption Framework

클라우드 채택 프레임워크는 클라우드 채택 과정을 가속화하는 설명서, 구현 지침, 모범 사례 및 도구의 모음입니다.


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